Happy Puppy Families!

Chloe Bee



Thanks again for working with us in our selection of our english springer spaniel puppy. We are so pleased with how you provided us with education on the breed to help us make our decision and gave us ample time to make our choice. You opened your home to us and we observed how well you keep your puppies and all of your pets. Seeing Abigail's parents, her home life and everyone at play truly demonstrated the care, compassion and quality you have in your hobby business.

We chose Abigail and she is everything you said she would be, she is pre-spoiled, loved and on her way to being house broken and so much more but with a new name Chloe.

We are completely satisfied and impressed with your skill, ability and the true love you have passed onto to her that she now shares with us. You can buy a puppy from many places but I would refer anyone interested to purchase from Kate Walls as you will not be disappointed. We will truly benefit from the time and love you shared with her from the start.

We promise to share the pictures with you of Chloe's life with us and we wish you much success with your business.

Jim and Bonnie Kovacic

Lucy 'Panda/Willie pup


I have been in the kennel business for 12 years...owning a dog boarding kennel. I am very experienced in the doggie world...I checked out Kate's breeding facility and her dogs before I left a deposit and I was very pleased with her set-up and her love and expertise in the breeding...her dogs are amazing! I left a deposit months before her puppies were even conceived!!! I brought Lucy home in March of 2013 and instantly my family and our other dogs all fell madly in love...even my husband who always says "WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER DOG" LOL.....she is super intelligent, calm and healthy.
We are in love

Barb Brown
Owner/Braemer Boarding Kennel
Norwalk, Ohio


I started looking for a springer puppy almost 2 years ago. I figured this would be the last dog I have the opportunity to raise and bond with and I wanted to make a good choice, not a quick choice. After almost 2 years and a number of breeder contacts I can tell you now that I believe I made a great choice!

Other breeders that I interacted with left me with the feeling that answering my questions were at best bothersome and at the worst left me feeling  almost like a criminal. It was if until they had a check in hand they had no need to help me understand them and the springer's they raise. That has never been the case with you at HeavenSent. From day one you have been upfront, open and answered all my questions regardless of how unimportant they may have been at the time. You opened your home from the time Jasmine became expectant and from that first visit meeting you, her and Willie and the rest of the gang you made me feel welcome and confident in the choice of HeavenSent and my "new addition". The visits while Jasmine was expecting and allowing me to and my kids down to visit the puppies were appreciated and further confirmed my choice.

The pup I chose was Kahlua I renamed her Meli (Meh-li) which is Hawaiian for "Honey" and what a honey she is.
She is outgoing, playful and has just the right amount of "sass" to make her a hit with everyone that meets her. The most common phrase I hear about her is "she is so stinking cute!" I believe the early socialization you provide in those early weeks with visitors and your other dogs makes your pups well rounded and curious. I did not see a wall flower in the litter and I'm sure that it had not been Meli one of her sisters would have the same temperment and spunk.

Thank-you for a great experience at looking at little puppy faces in the x-ray, the visits right up to the most important part a great little springer!

I'll keep the pictures coming as she grows and if any of your future expectant families want to chat feel free to give them my e-mail address.

Jim Dunsmore
Oregon, Ohio

Obi-Wan Jazz/Willie pup


Thanks again for your help in selecting Obi-Wan, our new English springer spaniel puppy(formerly Tequila). Your knowledge of the breed, your openness to allow us into your home to see and experience your breeding and whelping setup, and finally, the obvious love and care you show for these dogs gave us confidence that you offer responsibly bred, healthy and well cared for pups.

Obi-Wan has become a treasured member of our family. He's a healthy, smart, gentile and friendly dog. His stub of a tail is constantly wagging and he's always looking for a belly rub or a game of fetch. While we chose the breed for it's well known temperment, it is simply amazing how calm and tolerant he is with our kids, especially our 3 year old son. No matter what our son may do or how he might get Obi-Wan, this dog simply endures it without complaint and comes back for more. We could not ask for a better family dog. Also, we really like how he's turned out to be one beautiful springer. We simply love the the colors, spots and ticking he inherited from his Sire, Prince William. We've received many compliments from friends and strangers alike.

Of course, this is all testament to the abilities of a good breeder. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is interested in obtaining healthy, well bred pups of superior quality.

Chris & Emily Nunamaker
Monclova, Ohio



Well, I heard the news, we have another HeavenSent springer coming into the family! Couldn't be happier for my daughter that she chose to go through you. Like me, she has been through so many issues because of backyard breeders. I just can't say enough good about YOU and your DOGS! Waylon and Willie have brought so much joy into our lives and this time without the heartache of disease that could have been prevented. Keep up the good work and I am so excited for her, that I can hardly stand the wait that she is going through.
Love from the boys and me
Sue Balch
North Branch, MI

Waylon & Willie

You can't tell where one starts and one ends! LOL